Maurizio Boscheri


Maurizio Boscheri was born in Mezzolombardo di Trento on May 5th, 1955. An independent traveller, forever in love with the nature of the world, he begins painting – without any formal training, completely self-taught – in 1997. Toiling forayears in the routine of a ‘proper’ job as a manager for a multinational, he starts working with acrylics on canvas upon returning from one of his numerous voyages i.
Painting immediately awakens a passion within him, allowing him to transfer all the emotions, colours, and the love of nature accumulated during his voyages onto the canvas. His talent immediately catches the public’s interest, and the critics soon follow. In 1999, he stops his managerial activities in order to dedicate himself to painting full-time.

He exhibits in ‘different’ spaces ( Villa Borghese, Roma – Teatro Smeraldo, Milano – Museo d’Arte Moderna, Classica e Contemporanea Cà la Ghironda, Bologna- Torre Branca, Milano – Villa Caldogno, Vicenza – Art Expo, New York – ArtePadova – MUSE, Trento – Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi , and International Gallery in USA, Paris, Cairo, Dubai, Shanghai, Colombo, Vienna, Karachi) and is often asked to exhibit his works in spaces tied to the worlds of science, nature and culture. He also exhibits in a number of Italian galleries with an international edge, teaches at the Verona Academy of Fine Arts for the 2005/2006 school year, and conducts workshops in parallel to a number of exhibitions covering didactic and artistic subjects, time he gladly gives free of charge to a number of organizations working with handicapped people.
He has several active personal exhibitions and collectives in which his work appears beside works by Ligabue, Keith Haring, Francis Bacon, Folon and others.

In 2016, in collaboration with Vasl and the Consulate of Italy in Karachi he painted a mural painted at Jinnah International Airport Karachi.


In 2011 Boscheri was invited to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale, L’Arte Non é Cosa Nostra, organised by Vittorio Sgarbi, Padiglione Italia – Milano and Turin.

In 2017 was invited to participate in the Karachi Biennale with the project Reel on Hai.

He is published between artists from the Trentino area in Maurizio Scuderio’s “Arte trentina del Novecento“ (Trentino art of the 20th century). Giorgio Celli has written about him, and he has been selected from a group of many international artists to represent the chapter on Trans-avant-garde in the volume ‘Animali nell’Arte’(Animals in Art) published by Skira, with a preface by Vittorio Sgarbi and critical commentary by Vladek Cwalinsky. He has painted aquarelles with an anthroposophic-naturalistic theme to illustrate botanical, naturalistic and cultural texts, which have been printed lithographs, serigraphs and retouched reproductions on canvas.. Some of his works have been auctioned by Sotheby’s in Lisbon, and his current works may be found in numerous private collections, institutions and museums in Italy and internationally.
He lives in Rovereto, Trento Italy, his passion for the tropics has never abandoned him, and whenever possible he spends long periods in Sri Lanka, in his art studio immersed in the lush greenery of the island.                       tel 349 5654485

Art is an impetuous channel of expression and I feel immense joy when an observer is captivated by one of my paintings, because a picture is not just a group of colours, but the result of work performed with the heart and energy…… Nature has always been my sole source of interest and curiosity, colours are my second skin, food for my mind, a means of communicating with my soul, a reflection of my emotions. Each piece of work reflects my mood, when I am peaceful I mainly use warm shades from greens, to yellows and orange, then when my feelings change comes the period of blues, reds, greys, golds and silver…… The Aboriginal dots and writings of the world…… Inspired by Australian Aboriginal rock art, I have made this ancient language my own, offering a new interpretation of it in my work, in which it acts as a link between the human and animal world: the subjects of my paintings observe us and communicate with us, with their explosive power and beauty and I am only the “trait d’union” between their world and ours. These are the means with which I build secret castles of the enigma of my soul, the closely guarded, hidden part, which will only be revealed to an attentive interpreter.The others, who I depict in my paintings, go in silence, without a sound, forever, in the indifference of mankind, the main promoter of this ecocide.

Maurizio Boscheri

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