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About Maurizio Limited Edition

Very cool reproductions of the Maurizio Boscheri’s works, printed on canvas in acrylic colors, in Limited Edition Giclee from 1 to 99, numbered and authenticated by the artist. The high technology used in the realization of these reproductions makes them astonishingly similar to the original and makes the most of the artistical expression of maestro Maurizio Boscheri.

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Who is Maurizio Boscheri ?

Traveler, always in love with the nature of the world, without any specific school he began painting in 1997 as a self-taught artist.

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Maurizio Boscheri is a friend of Amici di Casa Mihiri

Casa Mihiri


Maurizio Boscheri
38068 Rovereto (TN)

Email: info@maurizioboscheri.it
Tel: +39 349 5654485

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